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Milk Steaming brew guide

  1. You will want to pour enough milk into your steam pitcher perfect for the cup you are going to use.
  2. Purge your steam wand to make sure any of the left over milk residue is cleaned-off.
  3. Place the tip of your steam wand halfway in and off-center inside the surface of the milk.
  4. Turn on your steam wand and try to create a whirlpool.
  5. As you are steaming, lower your pitcher by half an inch for about a couple of times to aerate the milk to create microfoam.
  6. Once your steam pitcher is hot enough, turn off your steam wand. You may do that by feeling the wall of the pitcher and not the bottom.
  7. Texturize your milk by swirling you steamed milk and tap if there’s any present bubbles.
  8. Pour your milk, create you latte art, and enjoy!