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  • 94g medium coarse Coffee
  • 1500ml Cold Water
  • Oji Slow Drip System

Oji Cold Brew brew guide

  1. Take the clean Oji cloth-wrapped mesh filter on the bottom of the brew chamber with the tied side facing down.
  2. Using a funnel, pour your freshly ground coffee into the brew chamber.
  3. Even the top bed until flat.
  4. Place the small glass water funnel on top of the brew chamber, then place directly under the cold water spigot.
  5. Pre-wet your grounds using the cold water until all grounds are evenly saturated.
  6. After you've saturated all of the grounds, set your cold water spigot to about 4 drips a minute.
  7. Your total brew time should take about 8-10 hours, yielding a less-acidic, sweet, and chocolatey product.
  8. Refrigerate after brewing.
  9. Enjoy!