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  • 25g Coffee
  • 400g water
  • Syphon Vacuum Brewing Pot

Syphon brew guide

  1. Grind your coffee at a medium-to-fine grind setting.
  2. Place the filter with the chain and hook onto the top chamber, making sure to hook it on and center the filter.
  3. We recommend using boiling hot water to begin with to quicken the process.
  4. Turn on your heat source (halogen lamp or alcohol burner) and immediately place the top chamber in without sealing the rubberized neck completely.
  5. Wait for a boil and then seal both of the chambers together. The chain is there for the purpose of absorbing the bubbles creating when boiling to avoid explosion.
  6. The water will begin to move to the upper chamber and wait for the water to rise completely. the water that goes up in the top chamber tends to be super hot and the temperature is a bit higher than ideal, so a good trick is to stir the water and incorporate some outside air to bring the temperature down.
  7. Pour your freshly ground coffee in the water and give it a stir.
  8. Lower the temperature of your heat source after the first stir.
  9. About 30-35 seconds in the brew, perform the second stir moving your wooden paddle back and forth breaking the crust to help release the gases.
  10. After the second stir, lower the temperature of the heat source even more, but not enough to cause the brew to drop prematurely.
  11. Cut your heat source completely, then wait the brew to drawdown.