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Professional Classes

Whether you are operating your own business or need some helpful brewing advice for home, learning more about coffee is an important step in getting closer to understanding and identifying best practices in the specialty coffee industry.

We would love to share our knowledge with you, so that you have all the professional barista techniques you need to accomplish that. All of our classes are taught by professional baristas in a fully equipped training lab. The classes are hands-on, detailed and fun.

On-site field training can be provided for a different rate, than those provided below. Contact us to learn more information about the next course schedule.


    3 HOURS

    A fun class on coffee experimentation. Learn how to brew different coffees using up to five different brewing methods, each with their own variations. From full-immersion, pour over to even a vacuum method, coffee-lovers will be able to compare and contrast various brewing equipment to suit their preferences.

    • 1 ON 1 $150ea
    • 2 PEOPLE $100ea
    • 4 PEOPLE $75ea

    3 HOURS

    A theory and hands on class. It covers the basics of coffee brewing in the first hour, leading to a practical application of these concepts using the pour over method. This class focuses heavily on V60 and Chemex brewers and may lightly touch upon other pour over mediums.

    • 1 ON 1 $255ea
    • 2 PEOPLE $205ea
    • 4 PEOPLE $185ea
  • FARM
    TO CUP

    2 HOURS

    An overview of specialty coffee, Farm to Cup highlights the different processes and steps that make specialty coffee possible. A standardized coffee cupping is conducted using up to 6 in season coffees.

    • 1 ON 1 $100ea
    • 2 PEOPLE $65ea
    • 4 PEOPLE $40ea

    2 DAYS
    (12 HOURS)

    Learn how to use manual espresso equipment. Learn about espresso variables, grind mechanics and micro foam milk. Get to pull shots, taste and differentiate between under and over extracted. Steam perfect micro foam milk and combine both espresso and milk together to make standard espresso-based beverages. Cleaning and Maintenance of all equipment is also covered.

    • 1 ON 1 $855ea
    • 2 PEOPLE $800ea
    • 4 PEOPLE $725ea

    2.5 HOURS

    An in-depth look behind the mystery of espresso. Learn to use manual espresso equipment and know the components of an ideal espresso shot. Tips and tricks of the trade are discussed in order to pull consistent and exceptional espresso. Cleaning and maintenance of all equipment is also covered.

    • 1 ON 1 $175ea
    • 2 PEOPLE $135ea
    • 4 PEOPLE $100ea

    3 HOURS

    Students will need previous equipment, espresso and milk knowledge to complete this class. With perfect micro-foam steamed milk, learn the basic concept of pouring. Various techniques and methods will be taught in order to produce basic to intermediate latte art for beautiful drink presentation.

    • 1 ON 1 $200ea
    • 2 PEOPLE $175ea
    • 4 PEOPLE $135ea

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